Foundations of Affective Social Learning

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Called, Foundations of Affective Social Learning: conceptualising the social transmission of value and published with Cambridge University Press as part of their Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction series, this book is the result of our 2017 conference and features contributions from all the invited speakers at that conference and more (see below).

This is what people are saying:
Frans de Waal (Director of the Living Links Center, Scotland, and C.H. Candler Professor of Psychology, Emory University, USA):
It may seem obvious that learning from others is grounded in emotional connections, but for the longest time, social learning was considered a mere variant of individual learning. This volume breaks this tradition as it convincingly argues, from many areas of expertise, that emotional closeness is key to how humans and other primates learn from each other.”

Gerben A. van Kleef (Professor of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands):
“Uniquely dedicated to understanding how emotional expressions enable observers to learn about their (social) environment, this volume highlights the intrinsically social constitution of emotions. By bringing together diverse theoretical perspectives and epirical approaches from different research traditions, this book offers a ric picture of the emerging research on affective social learning.”

The book itself is divided up as follows:


A difficult introduction to Affective Social Learning:
Daniel Dukes (University of Oxford,  University of Fribourg)
Fabrice Clément (University of Neuchâtel)

On the evolutionary foundations of affective social learning processes: lessons from comparative psychology

Chapter 1: Social Learning among wild orang-utans: Is it affective?
Caroline Schuppli (University of Zürich)
Carel van Schaik (University of Zürich)

Chapter 2: Affective Social Learning and the emotional side of cultural learning in primates
Thibaud Gruber (University of Oxford; University of Geneva)
Christine Sievers (University of Basel)

On human development and affective social learning

Chapter 3: Affective Social Learning: From nature to culture
Paul Harris (University of Harvard)

Chapter 4: Natural pedagogy of social emotions
György Gergely (CEU Budapest)
Ildikó Király (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest)

On the mechanics of affective social learning

Chapter 5: Calibrating emotional orientations: Social appraisal and other kinds of relation alignment
Brian Parkinson (University of Oxford)

Chapter 6: Socio-affective inferential mechanisms involved in emotion recognition
Christian Mumenthaler (University of Geneva)
David Sander (University of Geneva)

Chapter 7: Learning from emotions
Agneta Fischer
(University of Amsterdam)

Applications of Affective social learning

Chapter 8: Chastening the future: What we learn from others’ regret
Antony Manstead (Cardiff University)
Magdalena Rychlowska (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Job van der Schalk (Cardiff University)

Chapter 9: Insights from culture and emotion research for Affective Social Learning: emotional enculturation and acculturation
Jozefien de Leersnyder (University of Amsterdam)

Conclusion: Laying the foundations of Affective Social Learning
Daniel Dukes (University of Oxford,  University of Fribourg)
Fabrice Clément (University of Neuchâtel)