Affective Social Learning Symposium, CERE 2018

This year’s Consortium of European Research in Emotion (CERE) will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, organized by Dr Rachael Jack. A symposium idea on affective social learning was submitted and accepted.

I will host the symposium entitled, Affective social learning: process, context and development and it will feature talks by Christian Mumenthaler, Magdalena Rychlowska and Brian Parkinson while Agneta Fischer will lead a discussion afterwards.

The full symposium looks something like this:

PAPER 1: Affective social learning and the transmission of (social) value

Daniel Dukes (Swiss Center for Affective Science, University of Geneva)
Fabrice Clément (Cognitive Science Centre, University of Neuchâtel)

PAPER 2: Socio-affective inferential mechanisms in emotion recognition

Christina Mumenthaler & David Sander
(both Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva)

PAPER 3: Smiles, trust, and affective social learning in intergroup resource dilemmas

Magdalena Rychlowska (Queen’s University, Belfast)
Job van der Schalk (Cardiff University)
Antony Manstead (Cardiff University)

PAPER 4: Interpersonal emotional influence: Meaning and orientation in social appraisal and other forms of relation alignment

Brian Parkinson (University of Oxford)


led by Agneta Fischer (University of Amsterdam)