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FEB 2021 – New COVID-19 Preprints

I have co-authored two new pre-prints linked to the COVID-19 study (details elsewhere). The first introduces the survey and the collaborative project, the second focus on the situation of individuals with Special Education Needs and their families in the UK.

DEC 2020 – New Funding & preprint

On behalf of the WS-iReach group, we received €2000 from the European Federation Williams Syndrome (FEWS) to hire a statistician to analyse the data from the COVID19 project. Thanks FEWS! Furthermore, we have produced a new preprint in a paper… Continue Reading →

NOV. 2020: 10,000 participants

More than 10,000 participants from over 60 countries took the time to complete the survey designed to evaluate how people with Special Education Needs coped with the first few months of the pandemic. Thank you to all our collaborators, and,… Continue Reading →

APRIL 2020 – New COVID19 Project

New project announced with fellow PIs Andrea Samson and Jo Van Herwegen

MARCH 2020 – New Article Published

Article published with Professor Peter Reschke (BYU, USA) and Professor Eric Walle (UC Merced, USA) entitled, “Did you mean to do that? Infants use emotional communication to infer and re-enact others’ intended actions” in Cognition and Emotion. Our results suggest… Continue Reading →

FEBRUARY 2020 – New article published

Publication of an Open Peer Commentary with Professor Fabrice Clément (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) in Behavioral and Brain Sciences of an article entitled, Affective Social Learning serves as a quick and flexble complement to TTOM. Our paper was a comment on the… Continue Reading →

JANUARY 2020 – New Article Published

New articel published in Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

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